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Report on Nutrition Trends There are multiple reports on nutrition trends and a plethora of trend experts.  I bring a nutrition background to help discuss the science behind a trend along with a background in FDA regulations to translate trends into usable ideas.
Identify New Ingredients Whether you are looking to boost protein or include whole ingredients.
Analyze the Competition We aren’t just providing a list of products with nutrition claims on the front of pack, we will also take a deep dive into ingredients contributing nutrition.
Present Nutrition Facts Whether it’s a webinar or in-house presentation.
Nutrition Infographics Team to design infographics based on consumer-based studies or research studies, including a graphic designer.
Recipe Analysis Using ESHA’s Food Processor, we can provide you with an analysis of your recipes and key nutrition messages that help market your product.
Menu Planning The natural health industry is a tricky one with lawsuits and lack of regulations.

We have fresh ideas to help grow your business.  For more information, email us!

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